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SAMA KZN Newsletter

                                                               April 2016

Good day, fellow travelers on life’s highway.

I’m starting this newsletter in a very somber mood because we have had to cancel the 2016 Regional Conference, mostly for financial reasons.  Very, very sorry.  I’m particularly miffed, peeved and put out because I love the Regional Conference, which is all chummy and family-like, and because I was expecting it to be my last with you.  But you can’t have sweetness and light all the time so I’ll be a brave little soldier and smile through my tears.

HOWEVER – there are some things that absolutely have to happen and one of them is the Annual General Meeting.  So we’re going to be very hip, hop and 21st century and do it on line.  Yep, the constitution allows it.

Now you may have noticed that some members of the committee have white hair, however much they try to hide it.  And many of those wrinklies have put in years of service and have decided to step down.  This means we’re going to need some younger blood to represent you – and I bet you know just who would be great in the position.  So print out the attached nomination form and take it along to them for their signature.  Then e-mail to or fax it to her at 0867757443.  Your nominee’s name will then be listed for voting.  Just remember that your nominee must be a member of SAMA and so do you – I mean, that makes sense, ja?

Okay, that’s all for the moment.  As soon as we have those names, we’ll send you a voting form.

Ciao for now,

                                                             June 2014

So - howzit, my chinas?

Are we all ready for the conference on 21-23 July?  I hope so because we have some truly awesome speakers - Juliette Leeb-du Toit from the UKZN Visual Arts Centre, Catherine Snel from the Taalmuseum, Leigh Richards from the Durban Natural History Museum and, thanks to the wonders of technology, Nina Simon from the US of A.  And that's just for starters!

I've been amazed at how imaginative and innovative the speakers have been in interpreting the theme "Collections are connections". The underlying question for this is "How is your collection serving the community?" and it appears that it's happening in a dozen different ways.  If your manager hasn't done something about registering you for the conference, go and make sure that s/he knows that you're interested.  And, hey!  How about putting yourself in the programme by telling us what you're doing and who you're helping?

You have a week to get it done.  Not that I want to put pressure on you or anything.

Membership rates

There's been a bit of confusion about just who's eligible for the reduced member rate on the basis of institutional membership.  The policy is that, if a museum is an institutional member with 1-20 staff members, one person may go at the SAMA rate, but if the museum has more than 20 staff members, two person qualify.  Three is for the massive guys, like Iziko.  If you're an individual member, naturally you're entitled to the discount, because we love you.

Be careful out there

Our sympathies go out to Claire Adderley and her staff and Friends for the shock, loss and damage they sustained when their museum was petrol-bombed during the recent municipal strikes.  In museums we tend to think that we're such harmless blokes that nobody would bother us.  The truth is that any crowd can become a mob, and a mob has no brain, no logic and no thinking power.  It is a huge mass of violent emotion that will destroy anything that represents the organisation, business or municipality that they are protesting against.  If your museum falls into that category, you are vulnerable.  Check you disaster plan and take no chances.

Claire, it's great that your community has rallied around and that the union has condemned the attack.  We wish you the best.

Thinking of you

So good to hear that our old friend Gilbert Torlage has been feeling so much better.  Lots of love coming your way, Gilbert.

Last word


See you at conference.